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Compare selection of servo motors


AC servo motor 
configured AC servo motor stator is substantially similar to the capacitor sub-phase single-phase induction motor. The stator is provided with two positions on which the 90 ° difference between each winding, a field winding an Rf, it is always connected to the AC voltage Uf ; the other control winding is L, the control signal coupled to the voltage Uc. So AC servo motor, also known as two servo motors. 
AC servo motor rotor is generally made of squirrel cage, but in order to make the servo motor has a wide speed range, mechanical properties of a linear, non-performance "rotation" phenomenon and fast response, it is compared with ordinary electric motor, it should have rotor resistance and a small moment of inertia of these two characteristics. More rotor structure currently used in two forms: one is the squirrel cage rotor bars of high resistivity conductive material, made of high resistivity, in order to reduce the moment of inertia of the rotor, the rotor made elongated; other One is the use of hollow cup-shaped rotor made of aluminum alloy, the cup wall is thin, only 0.2-0.3 mm, in order to reduce the reluctance of the magnetic circuit, the stator is fixed to be placed within the hollow cup-shaped rotor hollow cup-shaped moment of inertia of the rotor is small, rapid response, and smooth operation, it is widely employed. 
AC servo motor in the absence of a control voltage, only the stator field windings pulsating magnetic field generated by the rotor stationary. When the control voltage, the stator will produce a rotating magnetic field, the rotor is rotated in the direction of the rotating magnetic field at a constant load, the motor speed varies with the size of the control voltage, on the contrary, when the phase control voltage, servo-motor will be reversed. 
Permanent magnet AC servo motor 
since the 1980s, with integrated circuits, power electronics and AC variable speed drive technology, permanent magnet AC servo drive technology has outstanding development, national famous electrical manufacturers have introduced their own AC servo servo motor and drive products and constantly improve and update. AC servo system has become the main direction of development of modern high-performance servo system, so that the original DC servo crisis of being eliminated. 90 years later, the world has been commercialized AC servo system is a sine wave motor servo drive digital control. AC servo drive the rapid development in the field of transmission. 
AC servo motor with permanent magnet DC servomotors comparison, the main advantages are:
⑴ without brush and commutator, so reliable, low-maintenance and maintenance requirements. 
⑵ cooling the stator winding is convenient. 
⑶ inertia is small, easy to increase the rapidity of the system. 
⑷ adapted to high-speed high torque working condition. 
Smaller size and lower weight ⑸ same power. 
Servo motor with single-phase asynchronous motors Comparative 
AC servo motor works with phase single-phase induction motor, although similar, but the rotor resistance of the former than the latter so much larger compared to the single servo motor asynchronous motor, there are three significant features: 
1, starting torque 
due to the large resistance of the rotor, the torque characteristic curve as compared with normal asynchronous motor, significantly different. It allows the critical slip S0> 1, so that not only the torque characteristics (mechanical properties) is closer to linear, and has a large starting torque. Thus, when a control voltage of the stator, the rotor is rotated immediately, i.e., having a quick start, and high sensitivity. 
2, running a wide range of 
3, no rotation phenomenon 
normal operation of the servo motor, as long as the loss of control voltage, the motor stops immediately. When the servo motor control voltage loss, it is in single-phase operation condition, since the rotor resistance is large, two torque characteristics in two opposite directions the stator of the rotating action of the rotating magnetic field generated by the rotor (T1-S1, T2-S2 curve ) and synthetic torque characteristics (T-S curve) 
the output power of the AC servo motor is generally 0.1-100W. When the power supply frequency of 50Hz, with a voltage of 36V, 110V, 220,380V; when the power source frequency is 400Hz, has a variety of 20V, 26V, 36V, 115V voltage and the like. 
AC servo motor running smoothly, low noise. But the control characteristic is non-linear, and because the rotor resistance is large, a large loss, low efficiency, compared with the same capacity of DC servo motor, a large volume, heavy weight, so only for small power control system of 0.5-100W.