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Screw motor--QS42-T-''''

Screw motor--QS42-T-''''

The stepper motor series has two-phase and three-phase hybrid stepping motors. It is made of high temperature resistant permanent magnets and high quality cold rolled steel sheets. The product specifications range from 20mm to 150mm with high reliability and stability. Moreover, due to its good internal damping, the operation is stable and there is no obvious oscillation zone, which can meet the requirements of different working conditions in the automation industry. The stepping driver developed by the latest DSP patent technology better solves the shortcomings of traditional stepping motor radial jitter, large running noise, low speed torque, low starting frequency, etc. It has some characteristics of AC servo, and its control effect can be It is comparable to imported products.
  We can customize and produce various types of motor products that meet the needs of customers' industrial equipment according to the needs of customers. For example, the motor can be equipped with various types of drives, reduction gearboxes, planetary reducers, synchronous gears, power-off brakes, encoders, and custom motor rated current and voltage, body length, protection level, shaft output, lead length, Terminals, etc.