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【Origin Pic】
  • Name: QS28HS45-TB4-T100
  • Rated voltage: 3.0V
  • Rated current: 1.0A
  • Standard thrust: 25-35N
  • Number of motor phases: 2P
  • Standard speed: 15-50MM/S
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    NO。OF Phases/丝杆电机相数 2P Step length/整步步长 0.0254MM/步
    Step angle/丝杆电机步距角 1.8o ±5% Insulation Class/绝缘等级 B
    Rated voltage/额定相电压 3.0V
    Working Temperature/工作温度 -20OC~~+50OC
    Rated current/额定相电 1.0A Insulation Resistance/绝缘电阻 100MΩ(500VDC)
    Resistance/相电阻 4.0Ω Temperature Rise/温升 80K MAX。
    Wire rod diameter/丝杆直径 4.76MM Weight/电机重量 175g
    Screw thread lead/丝杆螺纹导程 5.08MM Holding torque/标准推力 25-35N
    Number of threads/螺纹头数 2
    Minimum thrust/最小推力 25N/15-50MM/S
    Type of wire rod/丝杆种类 梯形丝杆 Wire rod material/丝杆材质