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As a key element of industrial production automation,electric machineryQuality reliability and extremely low shutdown failure rate are important issues that enterprises pay attention to. The motor must pass a series of rigorous tests before leaving the factory. This is like a Swiss precision mechanical watch, which must pass various strict standardized tests before it can finally reach consumers. A finished motor also needs strict standardized testing. What tests should a qualified motor do before leaving the factory? We the factory process of stepper motor manufacturer also goes through these processes, trying to provide customers with the best quality products.

From raw materials to manufacturing to shipping, semi-finished motors and finished productselectric machineryAll motors shall be subject to all-round "supervision" from quality inspection and quality control staff. Such as ISO9000 quality management system, chief quality officer of the factory, TQM, TS16949 and other quality inspection projects. Including the quality traceability system, each production link in the factory is monitored and managed, and the responsibility goes to the person.

1、 Motor comprehensive test
Test items:
Test items: DC resistance, insulation resistance, electrical strength, no-load test, turn to turn waveform and locked rotor test
Test method:
Electrical strength: check whether the phase shell or phase to phase insulation is poor or short circuited. Apply power frequency high voltage between coil winding and iron core for a certain time
Insulation resistance: check whether the winding has serious leakage or short circuit to the iron core, and apply DC high voltage between the coil winding and the iron core for a certain time
Inter turn insulation: check whether the inter turn insulation of winding is poor or short circuited. Impulse voltage with certain amplitude and waveform is applied at both ends of the coil to adapt to a variety of windings
Phase to phase resistance: check whether the winding is broken, the number of turns is out of tolerance, and there is a serious short circuit. Measure the DC resistance of the winding
II. Appearance inspection:
1. Check whether the motor shell has cracks, open welding and deformation, and whether the spare parts are complete and damaged
2. Whether the fasteners of explosion-proof parts are complete, and whether the solid screws and holes have sliding buckles
3、 Rotor inspection:
After pulling out the rotor, remove the inner and outer small covers to check for damage. The rotor cage bar and end ring shall be welded firmly and reliably without open welding and false welding
4、 Bearing inspection:
Remove the coupling and check for damage. Remove the bearing and check for cracks, peeling, pitting, discoloration and rust
5、 Stator inspection:
1. The surface of stator core and winding resistance shall be clean, and the winding insulation shall be free from obvious damage and change
2. When all windings are rewound, the insulation grade, winding pitch, conductor section, etc. shall be the same as the original design
3. Dipping times: Immersion shall not be less than 3 times
6、 Cooling system:
Check that the water circuit of the water-cooled motor is unobstructed, the seal is intact and there is no leakage, and carry out the hydrostatic test
7、 Fuselage surface inspection:
All parts of the motor shall be repaired in accordance with gb18613-2020
8、 Test:
1. Insulation resistance of winding: it shall be lower than 5m Ω (660V, 380V), and 1140V shall not be lower than 10m Ω
2. Withstand voltage test: 380v-2000v / min, 660v-2500v / min, 1140v-3000v / min
3. No load test: the unbalanced value of three-phase no-load current shall not exceed 10%, and the operation shall be stable without abnormal sound
Only after the above inspection, it is determined that only after the motor is truly qualified can it be officially delivered and safely used by users

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