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Today, July 5, 2021, is the fifth anniversary of our express intelligent equipment (Dongguan) Co., Ltd! With five years of hard work and five years of development and innovation, express has grown in struggle and achieved brilliance in innovation!
Here, on behalf of the company, please allow me to say thank you to every hardworking family members and customers, friends and partners who have always trusted and supported us!
Thousands of people walk and one person takes the lead. The company has achieved today's results thanks to the leader's foresight and sizing up the situation! Although the road to success is tortuous and excellent life needs to be accumulated, we will never forget our original heart. In the future, we will work together with sweat and persistence, pay and harvest, work together in the same boat, be quiet and go far, and set sail for a better tomorrow for Express customers!
Five years is not a short time. We have witnessed the rapid control from scratch and from small to large. Along the way, with the joint efforts of all our colleagues, we have made great and steady development through wind and rain, spring and autumn
And five years is not long, we still have more dreams in our hearts We hope that in the next five, ten or even twenty years, more like-minded partners, customers, friends and colleagues will come together with us to achieve the great goal in our mind
In the next five years, let's work together to achieve better results!